eBook: Take control of ICT costs with cutting edge technology expense management

Simplify management of your cloud and telecom environment.

In a volatile economic environment, responsible organisations remain under pressure to find efficiencies and drive unnecessary costs out of their businesses. Yet after two years of pandemic and prolonged economic underperformance, most enterprises have harvested the long-hanging fruit. Finding new cost savings that won’t harm operational performance is far from easy.

That’s why more and more companies are increasing the scrutiny of their IT and telecom costs. The pandemic saw businesses accelerate their digital transformation as well as their shift to a hybrid working model. That, in turn, has multiplied the complexity of managing the IT and telecoms environment due to the rapid adoption of cloud services and a vast increase in the number of mobile and remote users.

Trends that were already in play before the start of the COVID-19 crisis have come to a head quicker than most IT departments anticipated. Convergence has become a reality, meaning that IT and telecoms need to be managed in an integrated fashion. Companies today navigate a complex technology ecosystem comprising multiple telecoms and IT products, services, technologies, and providers.

What’s more, they have to manage a dizzying array of billing and usage models to cater to a more flexible and mobile workforce: subscription-based cloud services, legacy software licences and hardware assets, and a mixture of BYOD (bring your own device) and COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) consumption models.

Many IT teams are struggling to gain visibility into their ICT expenses across a sprawling mobile, fixed-line, wide area network (WAN) and cloud estate—let alone find ways to optimise costs. The result is that many companies waste 20% or more of their cloud and telecom spending. Common pitfalls include underutilised infrastructure, unused subscriptions and services, and poorly selected service plans.

The key to getting it right lies in adopting a modern, cloud-based technology expense management (TEM) solution that helps the enterprise simplify and automate cost optimisation processes. Such a solution is relatively quick to implement and starts delivering a return on investment almost immediately. It gives IT teams the ability to predict and prevent bill shock as well as the insight to optimise costs.

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