The technology demands are increasing in complexity at every point of the manufacturing industry’s supply chain. It is more difficult to manage all the expenses, usage and performance of operating units.


OneView® will ensure that your mobile, fixed and cloud environments are fully optimised. You can manage all usage, expenditure and cost allocations related to your environment, while having a real‑time overview of critical business information.

The Benefits of OneView®


Operational Efficiency

Streamlining and automation of previously manual processes makes mobile cost management more comprehensive and less time-consuming.

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Centralised automated data collection and reporting

Improved visibility of all technology costs along with improved reporting and accountability within the technology ecosystem.

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Continuous Cost Optimisation

Optimisation Dashboards and Reports continuously help you to identify cost-saving opportunities across the full technology spectrum.

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Service Request System Integration

OneView® integrates with Service Request Systems such as Infra and Service Now to enable the ordering and changing of infrastructure directly from the OneView® portal.

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Integrated with Service Providers

We integrate with all service providers to give you a single view of your multiple vendors through live data and powerful analytics.


Automated Recharge Process

Automated monitoring, management and tracking of costs across the mobile ecosystem through implementation of powerful reporting, budgeting and forecasting tools.

OneView® Features

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Live Mobile Administration

With OneView® companies can automate monitoring, management and tracking of costs across the mobile ecosystem through the implementation of powerful reporting, budgeting and forecasting tools.

Cloud Expense Management

OneView® gives the enterprise full visibility over their cloud environment. With baseline reporting, a detailed live dashboard and full tagging and recharge, cost-related challenges associated with cloud technology can be managed and optimised.

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Financial Management and Automation

OneView® enables detailed spend analysis, budget tracking and forecasting. It also offers automation of internal cost allocation and verification of your billing rates charged by service providers.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Now you can do detailed telecoms and cloud spend analysis and forecasting with live usage tracking, analytics, dashboards and reporting.

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