Typically having many employees working away from the office, professional services companies need mobile communication resources to be productive and efficient. 

Prosessional Services

1Nebula’s OneView® is an invaluable partner to any organisation looking to better manage employees’ mobile network usage and prevent unnecessary mobile costs.

The Benefits of OneView®

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Cost Saving

Significant mobile-related cost reductions due to increased visibility and control.

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Improved Mobile Auditing

Identification of cost inefficiencies through continuous monitoring and optimisation of mobile network usage.

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Business Flexibility

OneView® provides customised package options, tailored to the needs of the business and its employees.

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Simplified Tracking of IMACDs

Integration with all service providers enables mobile infrastructure changes such as SIM swaps and bundle administration to be conducted through one centralised portal.

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Operational Efficiency

Streamlining and automation of previously manual processes makes mobile cost management more comprehensive and less time-consuming.

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Access to 1Nebula Expertise

Gain in-depth knowledge of technology and market trends, coupled with an advanced understanding of service providers.

OneView® Features

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Management of BYOD and COPE 

OneView® BYOD and COPE functionality allows users to easily allocate calls and data according to business or personal use through a single digital portal.

Live Usage Alerts

Automated usage notifications based on set network limits create company wide awareness to prevent mobile overspend due to out-of-bundle costs.

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Employee Mobile Application

OneView® Lite keeps employees aware of their monthly mobile spend and helps them stay within set limits via live usage tracking.

Live Mobile Administration

Automated monitoring, management and tracking of costs across the mobile ecosystem through the implementation of powerful reporting, budgeting and forecasting tools.

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