Together we can simplify and accelerate your journey into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.



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Stactize® is a Go-to-Marketplace solution for ISVs looking to launch their SaaS solutions into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Simplify and accelerate this journey with marketplace enablement and integration.
Stactize® facilitates full integration of subscription lifecycles to the Microsoft commerce platform's fulfilment services. Gain subscribers from around the world with our customer sign-up and lifecycle experience that is fully customisable to match your solution's look and feel. 

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What is included in
working with Stactize®

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Stactize® ​Publisher Portal &​ Reporting​

Manage your cloud marketplace presence. Gain marketplace insights into the performance of your listings and subscriber lifecycles.

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Full Subscription Lifecycle Integration

Fully integrated subscription lifecycle management into the Microsoft commerce platform’s fulfillment services.

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Accelerated Orchestration Development​

Gain access to our available templates to customise your solutions lifecycle experience with our pre-built orchestration application.

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Custom Branded ​User Journey & Landing Page​

Fully customisable sign-up experience to match your solutions look and feel to achieve streamlined authentication and customer onboarding.

The Benefits of Stactize®

Whether you are a Microsoft partnered ISV with an IP Co-sell solution or just getting started on your ISV journey, Stactize and our team can help simplify and accelerate your journey into the Azure Marketplace.

Watch our video  to find out more.

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Go Global with Stactize®

The digital world is constantly changing. What would it mean for your business if you had access to transact with over 4 million active users globally? With Stactize® you can! All whilst gaining access to Microsoft enterprise sellers using the Azure Marketplace as a selling tool. Participate in the co-marketing opportunities to reach new customers and markets worldwide.

Sell your solution through the Azure Marketplace

Stactize is a robust, out of the box integration solution for the Azure Marketplace. Stactize Licensing operates as is its own Software as a Solution that is constantly running and communicating between the Azure Marketplace and your configured solution. This includes comprehensive and customisable templates to satisfy all technical requirements necessary to sell through Microsoft as well as additional value-added features.

Choose your plan


1 Flat-Rate/User-Based Listing

Plan includes:

✓ Integrated Fulfilment v2 APIs
✓ Unlimited customer signups
✓ Branded user journey
✓ Single Sign-on Orchestration


1 Metered Enabled Listing

Plan includes:

✓ All starter features, plus
✓ Integrated fulfillment v2 metered APIs
✓ Metering setup and configuration
✓ Usage event reporting

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The Four-Step Process

Our enablement packages provide you with the necessary support and guidance to navigate seamlessly through the initial marketplace dependencies, meaning you are ready to position your solution on the Azure Marketplace. Once configured, the Stactize® license and integration facilitates transactable purchases through Microsoft. 


Demo and Connect

Get in touch and connect with us. Learn more about how Stactize® can help you.


Partner Enablement

Set up your partner center profile and become a recognised Microsoft partner.


Market Enablement

Enrol in the commercial marketplace and establish your Go-to-Market plan.


Stactize®   License

Gain access to a global market and become transactable on the Azure Marketplace.

A Smarter Way to simplify and accelerate your journey into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

We help ISVs on their marketplace journey. Successfully integrating solutions, apps and services into the Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

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“Stactize® allowed us speed-to-market and significantly reduced administration and development efforts. The seamless process and efficient support of both the platform and the Nebula team launched us into the Azure Marketplace effortlessly."

- Adam Shapiro, Autopilot CEO - July 2021


“Together with Stactize®, we were able to effortlessly get our solution launched onto the Azure Marketplace. The Nebula team seamlessly assisted with the enablement and integration as well as offered continuous support throughout the entire process, allowing us the opportunity to focus on our product development.”

- Liza Rogers-Nolte, Head Inside Sales SA and Marketing - February 2022

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