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Secure your apps with a trusted cloud identity provider.



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Our Solution

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Cloud identity provider enabling secure, highly customisable
sign-up and sign-in for all your digital channels,
using the latest security standards.

We provide you with secure cloud based identity management by using industry standards from solutions such as Identity Server and Microsoft Entra ID.

What is included?

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OpenID Connect Compatibility

Compatible with your social media accounts and all OpenID Connect identity providers. This allows for an effortless sign in flow and optimal user journey.

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Industry Security Standards

Using standards from solutions such as Identity Server and Azure AD to enable interoperability. Compliant with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards.

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App and API Security

Provides customers access to applications with trusted data security standards using our Swagger-compliant SDK. Able to secure front-end applications and backend APIs.

The Benefits

Surge Identity is compatible with your social media accounts and with most identity providers which allows for effortless sign in flow. Take advantage of Surge Identity to develop Secure apps
with a trusted identity
authorization provider.

  • Reduce Development Time
  • Ensure Data Security
  • Centralised App Security

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