Surge Identity®

Together we can develop and deploy highly scalable and secure products with pre-built Cloud Application services.



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Surge Identity® is a cloud identity provider solution that enables secure sign in, using trusted identity and social providers and secures app-to-app communication using the latest industry security standards.

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What is included in
working with Surge Identity®

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OpenID Connect Compatibility

Surge Identity is compatible with your social media accounts and all OpenID Connect identity providers. This allows for an effortless sign in flow and optimal user journey.

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Industry Security Standards

Using industry standards from solutions such as Identity Server and Azure AD to enable interoperability within apps. Compliant with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards.

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App and
API Security

Provides customers access to your applications with trusted data security standards using our swagger compliant SDK. Able to secure both front-end applications and backend APIs.

The Benefits of Surge®

Surge Cloud Platform utilises the Microservice approach to meet rapidly changing business needs and bring innovation to the market faster. Take advantage of Surge Identity to develop Secure apps with a trusted identity authorization provider.

Benefits Include:

Reduce Development Time

Ensure Data Security

Centralised App Security

The Plan: Four-Step Process

Simplify application delivery through Agile Cloud Development with Surge Identity. A Smarter Way to develop your cloud application services.



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These partnerships have resulted in extraordinary wins for our customers and in the process, we have been recognised by our peers by being Microsoft Gold Partner since 2014 and won the SA ISV Partner of the Year in 2020.

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1Nebula delivers digital transformation with Azure

“1Nebula’s Microsoft Azure-based solutions enables a successful cloud environment and to handle our identity and integration needs.

The platform has proven to be key in differentiating their B2B and B2C customer journeys. It has increased internal collaboration between business functions, enabled an empowered work force, increased customer loyalty and created a culture of innovation.”

- Andries van der Vyver, Strategic IT Business Partner

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