There is a Smarter Way to optimise and manage your cloud environment.

1Nebula's FinOps capabilities, enabled by OneView®, will help you along a successful cloud journey.


The variable nature of cloud costs makes it complex and unpredictable to manage if there are little to no controls in place.

Don't let this stop you from achieving your digital goals, our cloud experts can help.


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We understand the challenges of managing your cloud environment and can help you achieve your digital goals.














We have successfully completed over 50 app modernisation and cloud-native projects ourselves

and with our customers over the past 5 years and understand the challenges you face. These cloud journeys have resulted in extraordinary wins for our customers and in the process, we have been recognised by our peers by being awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year awards in 2019 and 2020.
We have supported our customers through their cloud journey's, enabling them to succeed.



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Pick 'n Pay automates IT Finance with 1Nebula's OneView

“Automation has become a strategic enabler for our department and has proven to be an important asset in my digital toolkit. Today, perhaps more so than ever, it’s important that brands are constantly innovating and, as such, I am always looking for new ways to up productivity and improve processes.

I’m already exploring how I can incorporate OneView into other aspects of the work we do.”

- Stian Joubert, General Manager of IT Infrastructure and Operations

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1Nebula delivers digital transformation with Azure

“1Nebula’s Microsoft Azure-based solutions enables a successful cloud environment and to handle our identity and integration needs.

The platform has proven to be key in differentiating their B2B and B2C customer journeys. It has increased internal collaboration between business functions, enabled an empowered work force, increased customer loyalty and created a culture of innovation.”

- Andries van der Vyver, Strategic IT Business Partner


1Nebula supports Telecommunications Provider Cloud Migration

When our client started their Azure Migration journey, they needed:

• Complete visibility of all their migrated workloads.
• To ensure roll-out is aligned with the approved migration budget and Azure cost estimator.
• To monitor spend proactively to enable informed decision making.

After the migration process OneView provided ongoing proactive spend versus budget monitoring throughout the month to avoid bill shocks.

The plan: four-step process

Accelerate your FinOps adoption with 1Nebula and OneView. A Smarter Way to Manage your cloud environment.



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Bridging the gap between cloud and optimisation

"In order to offer their customers a superior service, Nebula requires an always-on, reliable cloud network. They utilise Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS components to make their software product, OneView and the development thereof more scalable to sufficiently support their rapidly growing client base and expanding system features."

“The relationship with Nebula has been a fruitful because they were able to combine my understanding of Engen’s business needs with their tech expertise and understanding of digital innovation. This merging of skills allowed us to develop something great, together.”

“Microsoft Azure helps Nebula deliver scalable solutions that enable IT teams to focus on getting their job done most effectively through using cloud technology. We welcome companies like Nebula to boost visibility and streamline operations by developing cloud-based solutions on Azure.”