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Cloud Expense


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OneView Cloud Expense
Management (CEM)

Enables FinOps within your business with complete visibility into multi-cloud
spending. Developed by FinOps Foundation member, 1Nebula, OneView Cloud
Expense Management (CEM) helps you to budget and forecast accurately, optimize
your cloud environment and implement best practices aligned to the cloud
providers’ Well-Architected Frameworks.

Our FinOps offering, covers all the FinOps Foundation’s identified domains and

Understanding cloud usage and cost


Cost Allocation

Our solution makes it easy for you to
tag and allocate usage and
consumption costs to different teams or
functions in your business.

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Managing Shared Costs

With OneView’s advanced cost
allocation functionality, costs can be
shared on a granular level to ensure
accountability and transparency across
your organisation.

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Data Analysis and

OneView CEM’s advanced reporting
capabilities give you comprehensive
dashboards and reports. Role-level
security means each user can view only
what is assigned and allocated to them.

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Data ingestion and

OneView automatically ingests data
from multiple cloud providers to
create a normalized, comparable
centralized repository for advanced
multi-cloud expense management.

Performance tracking
and benchmarking

Measuring unit costsGroup 463

OneView allows you to allocate costs across your
organization, enabling you to track incremental costs
versus incremental revenue. This helps you connect
product decisions with business outcomes.


Historical consumption and costs are used to plan and forecast future cloud spending. OneView provides simple forecasts that account for current usage and commitment-based discounts.

Budget management

Our tool sets cloud budgets based on business projections, actual usage and historical trends. In line with FinOps best practices, budgets in OneView are set on a granular level based on business and operational requirements as well as projected projects. Spending versus budget is part of the daily reporting view, allowing for proactive detection and management of variances from the budget.

Cloud rate optimisation

Managing commitment-based discounts

OneView provides actionable insights into managing your cloud
provider discounts and commitments, with insight into real costs and
potential costs.

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Cloud usage optimisation

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Our solution advises on best practices
when you onboard new workloads. It identifies new workloads for cost allocation and tagging, ensuring they are assigned to the responsible owner. New workloads are tracked by comparing actual costs versus budgets, so that you can identify and fix onboarding issues and inefficiencies.

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Resource utilization
and efficiency

With OneView CEM, you can track resource utilization and understand whether performance, availability or other quality metrics warrant the expense. These insights enable you to compare alternatives and implement them if they better meet your business needs.

Organizational alignment

Establishing FinOps culture

OneView helps you drive a FinOps culture by following the FinOps best
practices throughout the configuration and operationalization process.

Chargeback and finance Integration

Our solution integrates with SAP to ensure accurate chargebacks and cost
splitting throughout your organization.

FinOps education and enablement

OneView’s onboarding process enables the FinOps Framework for cloud
cost management in your environment. We offer FinOps and OneView
platform training to help you establish a FinOps culture.

The Plan: Four Step Process

Accelerate your FinOps adoption with 1Nebula and OneView.
A Smarter Way to Manage your cloud environment.

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