OneView® Cloud Expense Management 

Together we can help you regain control over your cloud spend with FinOps and OneView®.


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OneView® enables FinOps within your business by giving you tailored visibility across your multi-cloud environment to track and forecast your cloud spend. With advanced analytics, OneView helps you to stay informed,
optimise your cloud environment and implement best practices aligned to the cloud providers Well Architected Framework. 

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What is included in
working with OneView®?

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Manage your cloud estate within your own context

Gain full visibility over your cloud cost, with integrated baseline reporting, a live dashboardand full tagging and cost allocation to the correct departments and cost centres. OneView Cloud Cost Management offers a full view into your cloud usage and costs for all cloud accounts, and cloud providers.

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An all-in-one Cloud Management Platform

That provides you with a full overview of your cloud environment, resources and spend allocation. OneView Cloud Expense Management optimises your cloud environment all in one place.

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Expense Management Platform

Through integratvion with service providers, OneView® enables automated data collection, enrichment and verification of enterprise usage, spend and resource allocation. OneView® also integrates with your 3rd party business applications to take the complexity out of managing your multi cloud environments.

The Benefits of

We help businesses evaluate their multi-cloud estate and provide clear and actionable insights to manage their cloud spend. What are some of the benefits you can expect from implementing OneView?

Watch our explainer video to find out more and continue reading to see more on the benefits.

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Benefits include:

  • Comparison of budget and actual spend, per month and year to date.
  • Detailed analysis of cloud spend per cost centre and resource group or account
  • Accurate allocation of cloud spend per billing period.
  • Identification of unnecessary and redundant cloud resource costs.
  • The ability to tag specific cost centres, resource groups, or projects allowing the enterprise to see exactly where cloud resources are being spent.

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The plan: four-step process

Accelerate your FinOps adoption with 1Nebula and OneView®. A Smarter Way to manage your cloud environment.



Get in touch and connect with us.



Let's find out together how OneView keeps us informed of your cloud costs.



OneView will visualise your cloud costs so that together we can optimise your cloud spend with confidence.



Together we will optimise your cloud environment and provide the operational support needed to keep control of your cloud costs.



We have successfully completed over 50 app modernisation and cloud-native projects ourselves

and with our customers over the past 5 years and understand the challenges you face. These cloud journeys have resulted in extraordinary wins for our customers and in the process, we have been recognised by our peers by being awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year award in 2020.
We have supported our customers through their cloud journeys, enabling them to succeed.




OneView enables operations and technology cost management for Bank

1Nebula’s OneView solution was deployed to provide a digital view of the entire telecoms and technology environment. A reporting structure was developed that made it possible for each regional manager to see the cost and services connected to their applicable branches. Monthly customised branch and manager level reports allowed the client to make sense of usage and spend trends

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Pick 'n Pay automates IT Finance with 1Nebula's OneView

“Automation has become a strategic enabler for our department and has proven to be an important asset in my digital toolkit. Today, perhaps more so than ever, it’s important that brands are constantly innovating and, as such, I am always looking for new ways to up productivity and improve processes.I’m already exploring how I can incorporate OneView into other aspects of the work we do.”

- Stiaan Joubert , General Manager of IT Infrastructure and Operations


1Nebula supports Telecommunications Provider Cloud Migration

When our client started their Azure Migration journey, they needed:

• Complete visibility of all their migrated workloads.
• To ensure roll-out is aligned with the approved migration budget and Azure cost estimator.
• To monitor spend proactively to enable informed decision making.

After the migration process OneView provided ongoing proactive spend versus budget monitoring throughout the month to avoid bill shocks.

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