4 Rules For Leading in a Chaotic World

Leading in the chaotic world we live in is no easy task. Having the resilience and determination to carry on is not an attribute many possess. With wars, droughts, famines, diseases, and much more, the curve balls keep coming. So how do you lead in this chaotic world?

Here are four rules for leading in a chaotic world:

Learn To Love What You Do

"Each of us can choose to love what we do" – Rohit Sharma

If you don't love what you do, you will struggle to inspire and instill hope. Both are crucial to the success of a leader. Learn to love what you and the people around you will gravitate towards your love and passion.

Realism Vs Pessimism

Being prepared is a crucial step in surviving chaotic events. The best leaders prepare for and are ready for almost any situation, but is that not pessimistic?

The answer is no! That is realistic. Being prepared and having a plan allows great leaders to instill hope, even when times are uncertain. You cannot instill hope and trust without a plan, it's simply impossible.

Realise that planning and being ready for the worst-case scenario is not pessimistic but vital. Start planning today!

First Stabilise Yourself

We all want to help those around us when times are tough, but we first need to stabilise ourselves. There is a reason cabin controllers tell you to fit your oxygen mask first before helping others. It's not to be selfish or "save yourself", but if you are not getting a stable flow of oxygen, you won't be able to help those around you. This can lead to them and you being injured or worse.

The same goes in life; you need to stabilise yourself and your business before you help others. It's not selfish; it's a step that allows you to be selfless.


When the situation around you changes, so too must you as a leader. Identify where you need to be and what role you must fill and fill it. Create a community and start growing again. Growth in tough times is inspiring and can help spur growth around you. Your growth can become a manifesto for those around you.

With these four leadership rules, you can lead better and more effectively in almost any situation that life may throw at you.


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