Celebrate & Acknowledge Your Connections

Your connections play a crucial role in your life and success, but how often do we celebrate and acknowledge them? Rather than celebrating someone’s birthday, you could celebrate all the people who made a valuable impact on their lives. As with many things in life, perspective is paramount.

Here are a few things you need to know about connections and leadership:

Connections Build You

Without your connections, you would be nowhere. Those connections and relationships have played a role in some part of your life. Be it as a friend in Primary School or as a supporter of your first business, your connections build you!

What Are You Celebrating?

A time when we often see many people we have not seen for a while is at birthdays. At these birthdays we often need to ask ourselves what are we celebrating? Not only the person whose birthday it is but also the people who have had a special impact on their life.

Show Respect

“Unless you show respect, you cannot be a leader of men”

There is often an invisible hand that connects leadership to people. That hand revolves around respect. Leaders often have many followers and keep these followers by treating them and everyone around them with respect. At the end of the day, leadership is measured by your friends, not by your money. Leaders are magnets that attract people.

Make Time For Your Relationships

Relationships change and evolve as we too evolve and grow. It is vital to keep in contact and to keep meeting people from your life. Reach out to connections that you have not seen for a while. Reach out with no expectation but to connect. Bring them along on your journey.

Leaders Build Connections

While connections build you, leaders also build connections. True leaders take great joy in introducing people and helping to share their connections. They introduce relationships from all aspects of their life and share with them how each person fits in and has made an impact on their life. Leaders build and foster connections.

The truth is, you cannot have gotten where you got without the support and impact of those around you. Take the time to respect, spend time with, and acknowledge the impact they made in your life.

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