Creating a Safe Space Through Strong Values

When working with diverse teams, you need to align everyone. You need everyone to be on the same page and be working towards the same goals, regardless of their background or cultural differences. The way to do this is by creating a safe space through strong values.

What Are Values?

Value can be defined as trust and respect for those around you. Putting aside your differences to work towards a shared goal. Each team or organization creates their own values. Values are often attached to your roots, your beginnings.

As a leader your role is to instill these values in everything that you do. Repeat them often and explain each value in detail so your team understands.

Values Align Us

Worldly conflicts can be put aside when you are aligned on values. This aligning of values helps to create a safe space for sharing of ideas, feedback, and helps to foster teamwork. No matter your background, values align you to your team.

Here are some of the benefits of having values:

  1. Inextricably linked to effect. Values are closely linked to the effects of value.
  2. Values refer to desires and goals. Having aligned values links into your goals
  3. Values transcend into a specific actions and situations. Having aligned values and goals leads into aligned actions. You are working towards the same goal for the same reason.
  4. Serves as the standards for the criteria. What it means for you and for your team.
  5. Values help to align a team together and to work better together.
  6. Atmosphere it creates. Strong values create a productive environment and a safe space.

Create Safe Spaces

Safe spaces allow people to grow and innovate. A place where they are not shot down for having big ideas but are instead encouraged. A place where feedback is not seen as negative, but as a growth experience. A place where everyone is given their chance.

However, safe spaces do not just appear or stick around. They require active work from you as the leader. Instilling the values of your organization, repeating them often, and taking the lead when it comes to being vulnerable or taking feedback. This sets the example for your team to follow.

Safe spaces take constant work and are worth the effort as it allows your team to grow and flourish.

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