Diversity = Innovation

Diversity is a topic discussed by many leaders all around the world. Topics like “how to be more accepting” and “how to diversify a workforce”, but few leaders are talking about the power of innovation driven by diversity. If you have never heard about diversity causing innovation, then keep reading.

What is Diversity?

Diversity can be defined as different backgrounds, religious views, races, upbringings, where you were born, your political beliefs, sexual orientation, and much more. Diversity is what makes people different and unique.

Having a diverse company means that you have many different people with different backgrounds and beliefs. It means that your company makes it easy for anyone of any diversity to come and work in your team. But how does that lead to innovation?

Why You Need Diversity In Your Business?

Many leaders will say, “Yes, we are an open and accepting company to all people.”

The problem with this statement is that they are accepting, not encouraging diversity. We all need to be accepting of diversity, but we do not need to celebrate/ encourage diversity.

That is a choice! So why would you want to encourage more diversity? Why do you need diversity?

Have you ever listened to a DJ like David Guetta? Have you ever been in awe of his music? The reason you are in awe is because he takes many different sounds, instruments, and beats and merges them together to create something pleasing to our ears.

This is like diversity within a company. Each element creates a unique aspect, a sound that adds to the overall symphony. A much nicer sound that one many playing one drum alone. While you can survive without diversity, you need it if you want people to go wow! As that diversity will bring innovation.

Each person has a unique perspective on life and can help you to realise new opportunities and solutions.

How Create A Diverse Company?

So how do you create this symphonic company that innovates? You do this by encouraging diversity, not only accepting it. How?

  • Make A Safe Environment – A place where all ideas are heard from all people.
  • Innovative Environment – A company where you are encouraged to find new ways to do things, rather than just accepting the way things are.
  • Give Decision Making Power – Having the power and responsibility to make decisions can encourage people to step up and can motivate them to do better than before.

You as the leader set the environment, so make one that encourages diversity. A company where no one is afraid to speak up, share ideas, a place where everyone is heard. Create a company like this and you will start to hear a symphony of innovation.

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