Do You Know Your Leadership Style?


Your leadership style can be compared to your fingerprint, it unique to you and you alone. It’s made up of your character, your personality, and your experience. Our minds are complex machines and being aware to your own style and how people react to your style of leadership is crucial to growing your influence.

We often look at other leaders saying they are a charismatic leader or a silent leader, but how often do we look at our own leadership profile?

It’s Part Of Your Journey

Understanding who you are as a leader is a huge part of your leadership journey. Because your style will change as you do. As you travel through life, you grow and evolve both as a person and as a leader. And with it, your leadership style changes too.

People look to follow leaders who are authentic, so be you and let your journey shape you.

It Leads To Adaptability

Knowing your leadership style allows you to adapt to situations as they occur. If you understand what motivates you, both consciously and subconsciously, you can stay on track during a crisis.

Understanding that you subconsciously try to avoid conflict is huge, as when you’re in difficult times you can check your decisions to ensure that you’re making the right decision, not just one to avoid conflict.

Further than this, being aware as a leader can help you to lead differently and adjust your style to suit the team you are leading. This will allow you to take into account each team members emotional states and lead them according to reach the goal.

It Makes You A Better Leader

Your leadership styles makes you who you are as a leader. As previously mentioned, its like your fingerprint. And if you focus on building it in an authentic way, you will build a leadership style that is remembered.

Being able to adapt your style to suit the situation and being able to recognise your own blind spots will help you to become a better leader.

Most leaders want to build a legacy, the best way to do this is to build followers and be remembered.

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