eBook: 10 steps towards optimising telecom costs in your enterprise

Mobile voice and data services are key enablers of your digital transformation and hybrid work strategies. Yet with inflationary increases in telecoms costs, along with rising use of services such as 5G and cloud applications, it’s also important for smarter companies to optimise their mobile expenses as much as possible.

Bill shock, wastage of resources, and inefficient contracts can proliferate in this context. But the good news is that cutting-edge mobile expense management processes and platforms can help you manage the mobile environment in a smarter way. These platforms allow you to monitor and control 3G/LTE/5G and APN data and voice costs in real-time.

You can track users, teams, and entire departments to identify usage trends and manage spending. This empowers you to identify excess usage, spot any billing irregularities and notify users before they spend too much. With mobile expense management, you can proactively manage your mobile environment and automate manual tasks.

Here are three of our top tips about how you can use cutting-edge mobile expense management to simplify your environment and free up money to innovate.

Remember to change the cost culture: Mobile expense management supports a culture of accountability by monitoring spending at a departmental and individual level as well as warning users when they’re approaching their usage limits throughout the month. But it won’t deliver the anticipated results without organisational buy-in. Focus on end-user awareness and change management to get the best results.

Simplify and automate operations: With cutting-edge mobile expense management, you can follow smarter, more automated approaches that eliminate the need to sift through monthly bills to track expenses and charge them to the correct cost centres. This improves the accuracy of the data you use to forecast and optimise spending.

Focus on continuous improvement: Think of mobile expense management as a way of life rather than an implementation of a system. Once your company has put cutting-edge practices and systems in place, you will be able to continuously optimise costs and provider performance. It’s important to keep watching historic and current spending trends and optimise over time.

Download our new e-book for a 10-step guide to smarter mobile expense management. Also, get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how our cutting-edge solutions and knowledgeable experts can help you accelerate your digital transformation agenda.



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