eBook: Beating bill shock in your ICT environment

A guide to reducing wastage and optimising cloud & telecom costs.

South African enterprises could be wasting R60 billion-plus on public cloud and telecoms spending.

Over the past three years, South African enterprises have needed to accelerate digital transformation to increase efficiency, innovate faster and become more globally competitive. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred them to move rapidly to enable digital sales and service channels for their customers as well as to roll out the technology to support remote and hybrid work.

While the benefits of this cutting-edge technology are not in dispute, many companies have watched their ICT spending spiral out of control in a multi and hybrid cloud environment and hybrid work world. In cloud and telecoms environments alike, a lack of oversight can result in poor controls, loose management of the spending life-cycle and, ultimately, escalating costs and bill shock.

With increased reliance on cutting-edge public cloud services—including infrastructure-, platform- and software-as-service offerings—as well as next-gen telecoms services, many companies are struggling to gain an accurate insight into their IT spending. This is only made worse as the technology becomes more complex and more service providers are added to the mix.

Given the variable nature of cloud costs, enterprises can easily lose control of their spending. Without smarter FinOps processes and tools, it is too easy for engineers or end-users to overspend on cloud products and services. Furthermore, instant access to resources often results in over-provisioning, while many companies miss out on opportunities to get committed discounts from their providers.

Download the resource below, to find out how you can avoid bill shock.


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