eBook - Choosing an MDM/UEM Solution: 12 Essential Questions to Ask

Endpoint computing is an essential part of every company’s IT environment in a world of cloud services, hybrid work and digital transformation. With cutting edge cloud and mobility use cases reshaping how we work, employees expect access to corporate applications and data at any time, from anywhere and from whatever device they choose.

In this environment, most companies are watching the endpoints they need to manage grow exponentially. Even the most knowledgeable IT teams are grappling with the challenge of providing an optimised user experience without compromising security or complicating IT administration, especially given the pronounced shift towards bring your own device (BYOD) ownership models.

One of the keys to effective endpoint management is putting the right mobile device management or unified endpoint management solution (MDM/UEM) in place. MDM/UEM has become essential to controlling heterogenous, geographically dispersed end user computing environments. But selecting the right platform isn’t easy when there are so many options to choose from.

Our new e-book is a guide to choosing the right MDM/UEM, focusing on12 essential questions.

Download the full e-book for more detail. At 1Nebula, we understand the challenges you’re facing as you accelerate digital transformation and adopt new, more flexible ways of working. Get in touch to learn how we can help you balance the ability to curtail unnecessary costs with the need to innovate as you roll out your cloud networking and security strategy. 

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