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With some 4 million monthly users, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an important market for independent software vendors (ISVs). It’s where many enterprises seek solutions that help simplify complex deployments, innovate via new features and apps, and accelerate digital transformations.

The Marketplace showcases Microsoft-certified applications and services built on or designed to integrate with Microsoft's Azure public cloud. Here, cutting-edge ISVs offer virtual machine images, solution templates, and services. It’s an opportunity to leverage the Azure brand to promote your software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

You can publish your solution at no cost and customers in all Azure Public regions worldwide can search for your products and services by category. Achieving ‘co-sell’ status opens even more doors by enabling other Microsoft field sellers to sell your solutions on your behalf.

A smarter approach to Azure Marketplace deployment

As attractive as the Azure Marketplace is, it takes some time and development effort to deploy your solutions. That’s where Stactize from 1Nebula can make a difference, allowing you to simplify and accelerate your path to market and give your solution the attention it deserves.

Stactize gets your solution into the Azure Marketplace as a purchasable listing with minimal additional development. Our cutting-edge solution offers a smarter way to deploy your solution to the Azure Marketplace. It automates onboarding of your solution with a pre-built orchestration app.

Simplify Azure Marketplace deployment

Stactize can dramatically accelerate the Azure go-to-marketplace process, reducing the time from six months to four weeks and minimising development effort. Here are the ways Stactize supports you every step of the way:

  • Full Subscription Lifecycle Integration: Smarter automation of your SaaS solution onboarding with a pre-built orchestration app.
  • Simplify Development Effort: Minimise development and deployment effort.
  • Branded Customer Sign-Up Journey: Predeveloped product sign-up/registration pages and customised product branding.
  • Built-in Notification System: Notify customers and the product team of billing or subscription errors.
  • Live Customer Notifications: Alert customers about new product subscriptions or changes made to an existing subscription.
  • Direct Product Subscriptions: Accelerate conversion with direct product subscriptions.

1Nebula: A smarter way

Because of 1Nebula’s years of experience in helping companies manage cloud migrations and our background as a developer of solutions that run in the Azure cloud, we can guide other ISVs to make the most of the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Download our free eBook to learn how our knowledgeable team and the seamless process can guide and simplify your journey onto the Azure Marketplace.

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