Handling Feedback: A Crucial Skill for Leaders

If there’s one thing many leaders struggle with, its feedback. But while it may be hard to take it can be an extremely value exercise.

As Bill Gates said, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

But how do you handle feedback as a leader? How to you make it a growth inspiring experience?

Set Time for Feedback

One common problem with feedback is that we avoid it. We are too scared of what ratings we may get or blind spots that may be pointed out. Taking feedback is hard, but it is a crucial part of growing as a team member and as a leader.

Setting aside time on a consistent basis for feedback is the best way to ensure it happens. No running away from it, hit it head on.

Understand How You Personally Take Feedback

Feedback can be hard to take, even if done in a constructive way. It can hurt when you seen what you’ve missed, blind spots that you overlooked.

While easier said than done, you must realise that feedback is constructive and not personal. It is done to make you a better leader not to break you down.

If you do find yourself sensitive to feedback, make sure you schedule some time to reflect on the feedback after you have received it. This way you can identify your feelings, rationalise them, and understand the feedback better.

Even as leaders, we are still human.

Why We Need Feedback?

So why do we need feedback? Why can’t we just ignore it?

Because we all have blind spots, we all miss things, and we all want to become better leaders. To do this we need to have feedback.

Feedback when done correctly can unleash a string of growth opportunities, ones that can help you grow your business and yourself as a leader. All you have to do is show up and listen.

As leaders, we have a huge amount of responsibility. Some may even call it a duty. And we want to lead in a meaningful way, making a positive impact on those we interact with. To do that, we need to be every growing, and growth comes from learning, and learning comes from feedback.



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