Have You Thought About The Future?

The future is ever-changing and evolving. With many opportunities and threats arising every day, you need to have a vision and strategy to help you grow in the future, while navigating the turbulent waters of today. As the end of the year, fast approaches now is the best time to analyse what happened this year and to plan for next year.

Let’s look at some of the key parts of developing a strategy and vision for your company.

Start With A Vision

Building a strategy starts with a vision. To successfully continue growing at the rates you want to, takes vision from you as the leader. You need to plan a future, a future others can’t see, and inspire them to follow you to make it a reality.

“Envision a future that others cannot imagine.”

As with everything, it starts with you. You need to find the vision and work with your team to create a strategy to make it a reality.

6 Tips On Strategizing

Strategizing can seem challenging for a lot of leaders. The future is unknown, and coming up with a vision an strategy can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Anticipate – Having options is powerful. If you only plan for one outcome, you could find yourself in an unfortunate situation if something does not go as planned. On the flip side, if you have anticipated potential outcomes or issues and have plans to address them, then you have options. Options give you power.
  2. Navigate – Planning and navigating potential situations is important when setting up a strategy. Role-play with your team and work out ways to navigate any potential situation that may arise.
  3. Talk About It – Talking helps us to process our ideas and get valuable feedback on them. Talk to friends, team members, and family to get feedback on your ideas. Then take that feedback, analyse it and see where you can improve.
  4. Understand Your USP – Each company is unique and has its own benefits. You need to identify these unique selling propositions of your company and your unique capabilities and work out how they can fit into your strategic plan.
  5. Research & Learn – As leaders we always need to be growing. Research new ways of doing things, questions to ask, and strategies used by other businesses. Look, understand, and learn to help your own strategy flourish.
  6. Experiment – Try things, run tests, and experiment! It’s the best way for you to grow and learn. Lead through these experiments and use empirical data to assist you in analysing the results.

Coming up with a vision and strategy for your company does not have to seem like a mountain. With these tips and ideas, you can sit down and plan out your vision and strategy for the new year.

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