How to Change Your Leadership Focus


When it’s that time of year and the financial year is ending, it is only natural to consider what you did over the course of the year. It’s a good time to reflect, look back and learn from what went well and what did not go so well.

While reflecting is simple, the hard part is identifying what you need to change and actioning those changes in your business.

Relook At Your Priorities

Priorities are described as what is most important to you. While this may sound straightforward, it is very easy for your life to fill up with unimportant things that you treat like priorities.

It’s like the demonstration done by a Harvard professor. He places two equal size bowls on a desk. In one he starts adding the sand, then small rocks, then big rocks, but he quickly runs out of space and cannot fit most of the big rocks in.

But when he moves to the other equally sized bowl and starts by adding the big rocks in, then the small rocks, then the sand; he not only fits all of the rocks and sand in, but also has space to top off the bowl with water.

The moral of the demonstration is that you need to start with what’s important, know what your big rocks are and make sure you make time for them first in your day. After them, you can look at the less important tasks.

Focus On Your Strengths

We all have our strengths. As a leader and business owner, focusing on your strengths is crucial. It allows you to grow faster and stand out from your competition. Know your strengths and focus on making them stronger.

Realign With Your Team

As with priorities, alignment can easily be thrown off by sheer busyness. Use this time to reflect and realign with your team.

  • Identify your individual goals.
  • Identify your team goals.
  • And share your company goals.

Then work together to ensure all of the goals are aligned. As aligned, team members will work much better than team members who are not aligned.

Create Habits

Goals can be big and overwhelming, so break them down into small daily habits that can be reached consistently. Consistency is what builds greatness, more so than goals. So, focus on building strong healthy habits as a team so that you can reach your goals this year.



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