How to Sustainably Grow Your Business

2023 is a year filled with opportunities for those who want to take them. Leaders all over the world are growing their businesses and their teams sustainably by focusing on the right things.

Business growth does not need to include big plans or lost of expenditure, often it’s the small things that make the biggest different.

Start With Your Team

The first step to growing any business is your team. Having a strong team that is consistently developing itself is key to growing your business over the long term. Your team will lead to your future!

Ask yourself, do you have the right team? Do you know what drives them? And are you working towards the same goal?

A strong team requires a strong leader, and without leadership a team cannot function. Sometimes, the most important player in your team is your leadership. You need to lead, nurture, and guide your team to become better leaders themselves. Ask yourself, how strong is my leadership? Where do I need to improve my leadership skills?

Average ≠ Great

If you want great growth, you cannot accept average. Average service, an average team, and average results will not get you great growth, it will get you average growth. If you want to grow sustainably, focus on ensuring all the parts of your business are great, not just average.

Focus on the 5%’ers

Having big goals is great, but unless they are broken down they can be overwhelming and hard to target. Focus on getting 5%’ers, that is getting 5% better on a small part of your business. Maybe that’s a 5% faster delivery time.

Why this may seem insignificant, all these 5%’ers add up to great growth over time. 5% better in service deliver, 5% faster delivery time, 5% better customer acquisition, etc.; will leader you to a lot of growth at a more consistent level.

Look at your data, where is there room for micro improvements?


Building a great company that grows sustainably is not about the big things, but rather the small things that add up.


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