Together we can simplify and accelerate your journey into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Stactize®, a product of 1Nebula®, is a Go-to-Marketplace solution for ISVs looking to launch their SaaS solutions into the Azure Marketplace.

Simplify and accelerate this journey with marketplace enablement and integration. Stactize® facilitates full integration of subscription lifecycles to the Microsoft commerce platform's fulfillment services. Gain subscribers from around the world with our customer sign-up and lifecycle experience that is fully customizable to match your solution's look and feel.

Whether you are a Microsoft ISV with an IP Co-Sell SaaS solution or just starting your ISV journey, use 1Nebula® ’s Smarter Way and sign up to use Stactize® to ease your path to enjoy the benefits of being part of the Microsoft Marketplace.

6 Facts about 1Nebula and Stactize Infographic


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