INFOGRAPHIC: Challenges and Solutions to listing your product on the Azure Marketplace


The digital world is constantly changing, and access to market for your SaaS solution can be a lengthy and complicated process.

Stactize is a B2B marketplace enabler that handles the setup and integration with the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for you, shortening your go-to-marketplace process from 6 months down to 4 weeks. This means your development team can stay focused on your product’s core features, and improve its product-market fit, instead of spending time on back-office features.

What would it mean for your business if you had access to transact with over 4 million active users globally?

With Stactize, brought to you by 1Nebula, you can simplify and accelerate your path to market and give your solution the attention it deserves.

Challenges and Solutions Stactize Infographic


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