Leadership Thoughts

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. ” (John Wooden)

“Evolve Continuously” means always striving to improve yourself and your company.

A life well lived involves constant personal, spiritual and professional evolution. As you change for the better, constantly seek new ideas and approaches and apply your increased knowledge to living a better, more productive, more aware, and more evolved life – including the ability to handle any challenges that may develop with a positive attitude and confidence. Companies also must evolve in positive ways, foremost by making sure their employees can grow professionally and find fulfillment.

Hire exceptional, flexible people who can adapt to changing circumstances – who, in fact, have no fear of change.

Domino’s became “the tech company that sells pizza” and the world’s number one pizza chain.

“Tom Monaghan recalls…that DeVarti told him, ‘The secret of good pizza is in the sauce.’ He says, ‘That made a lasting impression on me. I vowed right then that I would have the best pizza sauce in the world.”

“Offering one size would make it possible to provide better quality pizzas since pizza makers only needed to learn how to make one size, as well as faster service.”

Other pizzerias competed on toppings, long menus, or luxurious settings; Domino’s delivered pizzas quickly. Monaghan discovered that simplicity boosted the bottom line.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made billions by endowing his company with a relentless customer focus. Amazon has not only given customers what they want, such as unlimited choice and fast delivery, but it also has met needs customers didn’t know they had – such as Alexa, a voice-controlled digital assistant.

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