Love Is A Business Tool

The business world is challenging and often seen as a dog-eat-dog world. When we think of the business world, we think of power, leadership, and similar, but rarely do we think of love. Love is a business tool that many business people don’t use. When you make a simple decision for yourself, to love, your whole life will change. And here’s how:

2 States Of Being:

As humans, we have two primary states from which we operate. Fear and love, and in each state, we act in a specific way that affects our decisions and outcomes.


  • Short-sighted, focused on the short term
  • Focused on self-serving
  • Focus is on money or material things


  • Long-term focus
  • Focus on a higher purpose
  • Focused on developing themselves and those around them

Being in a state of love allows you to grow larger as you aim for a higher purpose than just yourself. Furthermore, love spreads to those around you and helps you build love and passion in your team.

How Do You Program Your Mind?

Programming your mind is a vital part of initiating love in your business. Our minds will often turn to fear automatically, making us pull back and become defensive. We have to fight this urge by reprograming our minds to respond with love and passion and continue focusing on our purpose.

Programming starts with you and your mindset, and in time that will transcend into those around you. People around you must feel the love, so show it in every way possible through passion and commitment.

Why True Leaders Love?

It may surprise you, but most true leaders lead through love. They love those around them and use this higher purpose to drive and push them to the next level. They radiate love and see potential in everyone around them. Do you?

Leaders are also known for solving problems. What problems? The difficulties many others fear. Leaders expel fear and exude love to solve the problem that needs to be solved, the problem most of us are too afraid to tackle.

When we talk about business leadership, love is not something we think about. Yet, it is a crucial part of growing and motivating a team and solving some of the world’s most challenging problems. Start leading with love, and watch the difference.

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