Stay Ahead By Having Options

In an ever-changing world, options are valuable. The person who only has one option has very little room for change and growth compared to those with multiple options. A significant part of a leader's ability is finding and making options in any situation.

Let's look into leadership and options to understand their correlations further.

Strong Leader = Multiple Options

A strong leader will not simply settle for one option, as that option could quickly be taken away, leaving them with no options. Instead, strong leaders work hard to create multiple options, giving them the freedom to choose the best option.

If you have no choice in options, you are at the mercy of someone else. Having no options takes away your negotiating power, leaving you with no other option but to accept others' demands. Instead, create multiple options so you can never be boxed in and are not at the mercy of anyone else. Aim to have three or more options in every situation!

Cash is an excellent example of where leaders go wrong without options. If you do not plan and understand your options, your business could fail due to losing a client or late payments. Understand your situation and your options to succeed better.

How To Find The Options

Now that you have realised how imperative options are, here are a few ways to find your options:

  • Analyse your decisions – our options revolve around our choices, so analyse your decision and look for options. Identify the different ways you could make the decision and the options that come with it.
  • Compare – Now that you have found some options, compare each option to identify new options and identify the best option.
  • Create Options – Sometimes, there are a few options to be found; you need to create your options.

Once you have become proficient in identifying and creating options, you will need to instill this way of thinking into your team. Work with them to consider all the options, debate the options, and help them to identify the best option. This will inspire your entire organisation to create more options in every part of your business. Options are a way of thinking.

A Caution

Many can mistake looking at multiple options, as indecisive. However, this could not be the future of the truth. Indecisiveness can be more dangerous than not having options, as it can cause you to lose options. In the end, a wrong decision is better than no decision.

So set deadlines and be decisive, even while considering all the options.

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