The Benefits and Importance of Mobile Expense Management Software.

Many companies still use spreadsheets and other manual methods to track and control their mobile device, data and voice costs. This becomes burdensome for the IT department, the finance team and employees alike, especially in companies with hundreds or thousands of mobile workers.

Luckily, there is a smarter way of doing things. It’s called mobile expense management—cutting edge practices and tools that are essential for most mid to large businesses grappling with the challenges of bring your own device (BYOD) ownership models, digital transformation and hybrid work.

Mobile expense management defined

Mobile expense management software and practices enable you to simplify management of all the costs associated with your mobile services and devices. Modern solutions run in the cloud and integrate with software such as service desk and ERP systems to automate most processes involved in monitoring, allocating, forecasting and optimising mobile expenses.

These solutions let you to visualise, analyse and control your business expenses, so you can make smarter decisions about your mobile telecom costs and services. What’s more, they make life easier for your end-users by giving them tools that simplify expense claims and give them visibility into their own spending.

A quick guide to the benefits of mobile expense management

Time savings through automation: Many finance and procurement teams spend inordinate amount of times sifting through invoices and other records to allocate costs to cost centres, approve claims, verify billing accuracy and identify wasted spending. Employees, meanwhile, need to manually track business versus personal spending for expense claims. Automation with cutting edge software saves lots of time across the business.

More accurate data: Smarter automation reduces the possibility of human error creeping in when costs are reported, claimed or allocated. This can make your finance team’s life a lot easier and help with audits and other compliance requirements.

Budget and forecast with confidence: Good mobile expense reporting software will include analytics features that can allow you to visualise and analyse trends. In the hands of your knowledgeable team, these reporting tools will enable you to forecast and control mobile telecom costs with more confidence.

Easily manage BYOD environments: An ideal mobile expense management solution will help you control and manage costs across your BYOD and company owned, personally enabled (COPE) users. Users can easily allocate calls and data according to business or personal use. This allows smarter, more digitalised reimbursement processes.

An end to wastage and bill shock: With mobile expense management, you can monitor usage trends across individual users, teams, and entire departments. This can make it easier to identify wasteful practices and overspending, as well as overbilling and opportunities for optimisation. Tools like automated notifications when users are approaching their usage limit enable you to be smarter and more proactive about managing costs.

1Nebula OneView MEM is a Microsoft-certified solution that enables smarter automated collection, enrichment, and verification of enterprise spend to give you complete control over telecoms usage, spending, and service provider performance. Our knowledgeable team can work with you to roll out cutting edge DevOps and FinOps processes and tools that will help you grow, innovate and accelerate digital transformation. Contact us to learn more.


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