The Evolution of your Company Culture.

We have spoken about company culture a few times, that is because it is vital to the success of your business. What we haven’t spoken about is how a company culture will change as your company grows.

While change is never easy, an evolving company culture allows you to improve your culture, by taking into account the new team and the world around you. Here is what you need to keep in mind while your company culture evolves.

How Culture Changes?

A changing culture is a great thing, as your culture is evolving to suit your team and surrounds. The main questions you want to be asking yourself and your team is how can we make the culture better?

Having a clear goal of what you want your culture to be like is crucial. It will help you to identify the consistent daily tasks or habits that will allow you to create a thriving company culture.

Some ways your culture may change are the way you meet, the way you communicate, and the activities you do together. An example would be a company that used to have all their company meetings in person, but now have them both in person and virtually to accommodate international and work from home employees.

Important Elements in a Culture

A company culture is built up of key elements. Here are six important elements that should be included in your company culture:

  1. Communication – How often you are communicating, what meetings you are having, how is each team working together.
  2. The content of your communication – be open and transparent in your content, allowing for a better understanding.
  3. Support people’s careers – provide learning opportunities, training opportunities, and room to grow.
  4. Flexibility – allow room for creative thinking and flexibility, while ensuring everything is managed efficiently.
  5. Wellness – ensuring your team is fulfilled is critical. Your mind, body, and soul need to be taken care of.
  6. Community – make time to give back to your community.

A Business Character

The last part of your business that will evolve with your culture is your company character. Your character is what you stand for, and while it may evolve it is important to ensure you are staying true to your roots.


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