The Power of Consistent Leadership

We often talk about inspiring leadership, innovative leadership, and strong leadership. Do we ever discuss consistent leadership?

Consistency is one of the most overlooked and most powerful leadership aspects. Being consistent as a leader can help you to grow your teams’ results.

A Metaphor

Recently I visited a well-known restaurant near me. After finishing my meal and reflecting on it, I tried to look at why this meal was so good. What made the food taste so good? So much so that I want to talk about it afterwards.

And the answer was simple: consistency. I know that the restaurant will consistently produce the same food and the same level, night after night. And this brings me as the patron, a clear expectation and comfort. Restaurants can only thrive if they are consistent, every meal needs to be good!

Am I Consistent in my Decision Making and Expectations?

How does a restaurant experience relate to my leadership skills? Well like a restaurant, a leader becomes memorable because they are consistent in their decision-making and setting of expectations.

Consistency can often be incorrectly compared to boring. The truth is consistency is safe and trustworthy. And that is what we as humans strive for both consciously and biologically.

Consistency in leadership can change your teams’ culture by leading to more accountability and higher levels of productivity and engagement.

How to Become Consistent?

Now that you understand why consistency matters, how do you become more consistent? Here are four key areas to focus on to become a more consistent leader:

  1. Start with self-mastery. – It all starts with you. If you say you’re going to do something, do you follow through? Or are you just all talk? Start by mastering yourself!
  2. Have strong values and a clear mission. – Do you know and understand your why? Do you know what drives and motivates you? Find it and make it part of who you are.
  3. Communicate clearly. – Are you clear and consistent with your communication? Or are your team walking on eggshells around you because you sway from hot to cold?
  4. Push discretionary effort. – You need to be making yourself better everyday through consistent actions.

Success is not the result of some large feat, but rather a result of consistent effort over time.

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