Use Your Difference To Make A Difference

In the world of business and leadership, we often struggle to peel back the layers and look deeper than what’s on the outside. And while this is important in some cases, we can often miss a lot of vital information that makes people different!

Being different is how you make a difference in the world.

Diversity – The Right Way

Often when we think of diversity, we think of someone outside. Their race, gender, and religion come into the mix. And while this is important, you have to look deeper if you want to build a diverse team.

A diverse team is not just made up of people with different backgrounds, but rather different ways of thinking, unique skills, and alternative ways of working make up a diverse team.

Diversity used correctly creates an environment where people complement each other. Each team needs a goalkeeper and a goal scorer, and having that diversity in your team is what can make the difference.

Start peeling back the layers and understanding the true diversity of your team. Finding the balance in the diversity of your team is crucial to your team succeeding under your leadership.

Know Your Difference

The first step to building a diverse team and using that difference to excel, you need to know what your difference is.

Each team and company has a difference, something unique that makes them who they are. Finding, understanding, and building on that difference is what will help you succeed!

What Makes You Stick?

Every team needs glue, something to hold them together and keep them working together. That is where leadership comes in. While you can have a diverse team of high-performing individuals, they need a leader.

A leader is like the glue that keeps a team together, and like fuel keeps them motivated to succeed. Be that glue, be the leader that your team needs.

Understand what they need, want, and desire. This way you can motivate, inspire, and support them in everything that they do!


We are all different and diverse, and when we work together we can create a high-performing team. A team that uses its difference to make a difference!

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