Accelerate your digital transformation with technology expense management

As we emerge from what we hope is the worst of the pandemic, most IT departments face two conflicting goals: the need to innovate and accelerate digital transformation versus an imperative to simplify their tech environments and optimise costs. With IT and telecom budgets under pressure, CIOs want to drive waste out of their IT environments while still delivering high service levels to the end-user.

Yet achieving these goals is far from trivial in a world where rapid adoption of hybrid cloud models, convergence of IT and telecoms, and the rise of a remote workforce have added layers of complexity to corporate IT. Organisations are shifting to the cloud partly to save money, but many are struggling to realise the ROI they are hoping for. They are crying out for smarter ways to keep costs under control while optimising performance.

What they need are cutting-edge solutions that give them visibility into the full IT environment from IT asset tracking and telecom costs to cloud consumption monitoring. A cloud-powered technology expense management (TEM) platform can guide your journey towards cost optimisation.

Such a suite automates technology and cloud expense management across your IT estate, helping you to simplify cost optimisation and accelerate ROI. It provides full visibility and complete control of your entire technology environment. This enables you to predict costs and eliminate bill shock across mobile, fixed-line, WAN, and cloud usage, spend, and performance.

Let’s break down the key modules and features to look for:

Cutting-edge cloud expense management for FinOps:

TEM gives you complete visibility across your multi-cloud environment, enabling you to track and forecast your cloud spending. This gives you a smarter platform for cost-optimisation and supports your introduction of disciplined FinOps practices in your cloud environment. A good TEM solution will feature advanced analytics and be aligned to the cloud providers’ Well Architected Framework. With such a platform, you can ensure you are using the optimal cloud subscription packages for your needs, and bill costs back accurately to each cost centre in the business. You know where your cloud spend is going, you can accurately forecast and budget for cloud spend, and you can avoid waste and bill shock.

Assured cost savings with mobile expense management:

Staying on top of mobile IT and telecoms expenses is challenging in today’s work-from-anywhere world. These expenses include physical assets such as handsets and tablets as well as fixed-line, mobile, and data services. Initiatives such as bring your own device (BYOD) introduce complex charge-back and reimbursement models to the mix. With TEM, you have a smarter way to implement your mobile policy and manage employee profiles with BYOD and corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) features.

Simplify digital transformation with advanced IT expense management:

With the right TEM solution, you get a full, centralised view of your IT-related usage and expenses to track spending across traditional telecom networks, mobile environment, and all IT inventory. You can centrally manage multiple suppliers and service providers, as well as monitor their compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). TEM helps you streamline invoice processing and track inventory across an array of different vendors. The solution provides insight into the entire technology ecosystem within your company.

A knowledgeable cost optimisation partner:

TEM enables end-to-end optimisation of your mobile, fixed-line, WAN, and cloud usage, spend, and performance. Our cutting-edge solution, 1Nebula OneView, is integrated with cloud and telecom providers to simplify collection, enrichment, and verification of enterprise usage, spend, and vendor performance.

1Nebula OneView can also integrate with third-party applications such as service requests and ERP systems via the OneView Third-Party Integration Hub. This helps you to eliminate isolated systems and make IT operations seamless. Our advanced analytics and reporting give you real-time insights that ensure you get the most out of your IT budget. Get in touch to learn how 1Nebula and our knowledgeable experts can guide your cost optimisation journey.

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