Digital transformation: The challenges of Cloud migration


One of the best ways to ensure your Cloud migration goes smoothly is to follow the advice of those who’ve already made the move.

Luckily, research firms like Forrester and Frost & Sullivan have done all the investigative work and outlined some of the greatest concerns CEOs have around implementing Cloud. They’ve also highlighted a few snippets of advice from these business leaders to make your migration as seamless as possible.

So what’s keeping CEOs up at night?

When it comes to new technologies and Cloud migration, more than half of respondents confessed that they struggle to integrate disruptive new business processes into their organisations, according to Frost & Sullivan research. They’re also worried about:

  • Increased competition: As more and more players enter the market, businesses are constantly being pressured to come up with strategic ways to stay ahead.
  • Speed of technological change: With the rapid rate of technological change, your new tools are constantly being replaced by something better and faster. Despite acknowledging the role that digital transformation plays in business growth, CEOs worry about getting left behind.
  • Finding the right partners: While business leaders understand the value of strategic partnerships, they often stress about finding the right partners to truly help them realise their business objectives.

How can they respond?


Forrester conducted surveys with several thousand businesses as part of their “Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption” report. The study detailed a few key strategies for successfully growing the use of Cloud Computing in your company. These include:

  • Connecting with users: Whatever new technologies you decide to implement, it’s essential to make sure that the people actually using these tools are invested in your migration’s success.
  • New technologies mean new metrics, and new rewards: With new technologies, business outcomes shift. Tech leaders need to respond to this shift. And with these changes come new opportunities to standardise, automate and boost overall efficiency.
  • Do your research: Before starting any Cloud migration initiatives, it’s essential to do your research and identify the right solutions and services to address your needs.

There’s no doubt that digital transformation and evolving business ecosystems are putting increased pressure on business leaders. Understanding the market and knowing what’s out there is critical to making the right investments.

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