Why cloud automation is key for professional services


Economic uncertainty, market instability and changes in buyer preferences are all having an impact on the professional services sector. But their requirements remain the same. These firms still need to provide a reliable and high-quality service to their customers. 

According to Neil Davidson, VP of enterprise at Deltek, a cloud-based project solution for professional services firms, business transformation is essential in today’s business environment, especially across the professional services sector. Davidson stresses that professional services firms shouldn’t be asking if they should move to the cloud but when; acknowledging how cloud solutions and cloud automation can support their business transformation and growth

Below, we unpack exactly how cloud can help the professional services industry up efficiency and improve their operations

Cloud automation ups efficiency

Cloud automation reduces or eliminates manual efforts. Not only does this mean that your business is more efficient and that your teams have the freedom to focus their energy on other tasks, it also eliminates errors. And because data is logged and stored automatically, businesses now have access to a wealth of information that can be used to improve decision-making. 

Access and mobility enabled by cloud

People working in professional services often have to work outside the office or at the client’s place of work. Providing access to resources from any device and location is critical. This is where cloud is a game-changer because staff can have the exact same experience working outside the office as they would work alongside their colleagues. 


Ease of recruiting talented staff

Echoing the point above, cloud services and cloud automation make it possible to hire and partner with global talent. For professional services businesses, cloud makes it possible to hire qualified professionals from around the world because people can work from any device and any location. 

Making use of modern, advanced tech

Professional services firms aren’t IT firms. As such, they typically lack the required infrastructure and tech know-how to efficiently leverage IT tools and technologies. And limited budgets also hinder them from incorporating the most advanced and innovative technologies. Cloud removes these challenges by delivering IT as a service.

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