How finance teams can harness Mobile Expense Management to drive better ICT outcomes

Information and communications mobile (ICT) ranks as one of the average enterprise’s largest operational costs at a time of rapid digital transformation. As companies accelerate their move to the cloud and embrace more mobile ways of working, these costs are multiplying. Yet many companies lack the business insights they need to optimise spending on ICT services.

This is where cutting-edge mobile expense management solutions—which embrace cloud and telecom expense management processes and tools—are invaluable. MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT practices and tools help companies to gain visibility into their full ICT environment, from IT asset tracking to cloud consumption monitoring. This, in turn, helps them make smarter tech spending and optimisation decisions.

A powerful, modern MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT platform gives an enterprise the ability to automate the management of its mobile, fixed-line, wide area network (WAN) and cloud usage, spend, and performance. Forward-thinking finance teams can benefit from MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT because it can help them simplify the management of ICT costs and access business insights to drive better performance.

Here are some ways MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT can guide the finance team as it strives to optimise costs and simplify processes:

  • Real-time visibility into cloud costs: Even knowledgeable IT and finance teams struggle to come to grips with the shift from the old capex tech spending model to the variable, as-a-service billing models of the cloud. Bill shock is a frequent occurrence. With integrated baseline reporting, detailed live dashboards, and full tagging and recharge, MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT offers companies the insights and tools they need to embrace FinOps disciplines in their business.
  • Tighter asset management: Cutting-edge MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT solutions enable an enterprise to create a centralised asset database spanning hardware, software, licences, subscription services, infrastructure, and mobile devices. By tracking all these assets, finance and mobile teams can work together to optimise the entire asset lifecycle.
  • Accurate cost allocation: MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT provides real-time visibility into how products and services are consumed by a particular region, branch, cost centre, or end-user within the company. This enables charges to be allocated accurately to a branch, department, or employee. The chargeback process can be automated with MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT to save time and frustration for all.
  • Smarter forecasting: With a comprehensive MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT solution in place, organisations can analyse ICT spending and use this data to make predictions around future expenditure. This data better equips the finance team to make informed decisions about future spend—especially helpful when higher usage of mobile broadband and the move to the cloud are upending old spending patterns.
  • Validating budgets: Often, business and finance reach a stalemate around how budgets are allocated. With smarter insights from MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT, teams in IT, business, and finance can make objective decisions about allocating budget. The most mature organisations in terms of FinOps can tie spending to business outcomes, ensuring that the company is getting real value for money.
  • Reduced wastage: MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT is a smarter way to monitor whether assets are used optimally, with minimal wastage or downtime, and optimise those that aren’t. It will have a clear understanding of asset usage patterns, downtime expenses, and inventory discrepancies.

Most businesses today face two seemingly conflicting challenges: to reduce ICT costs in line with organisational cost-saving efforts and to accelerate digital transformation to compete more effectively in a digital world. Cutting-edge MOBILE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT can help with both of these imperatives, allowing finance teams to not only reduce costs but also optimise business value.

When decision-making is more fact-based, your finance team has the information they need to make decisions for the right reasons. Want to tighten up your tech budget and simplify your ICT ecosystem? We’re here to help. For more information about what we do, complete the form below and one of our knowledgeable experts will be in touch. 

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