The Truth About Building Teams Within Your Organisation

“Go fast alone, go far together”

All good leaders know the importance of having good teams in their organisations. High-performing teams will help to grow the organisation further than you thought possible. However, to get to this point a leader first needs to build these teams.

Here is how you do it!

3 Elements of a Team:

First, you must understand the 3 elements that are needed for a good team to function:

  • Leadership & Autonomy – Teams need to be inspired and see the vision you have through your leadership. However, they also need the freedom and autonomy to work as a team. Freedom with responsibility is crucial!
  • Transparency – You can’t grow a team or an organisation behind closed doors. You need to be transparent about the ways things are and how the team functions.
  • Humour – Building relationships and having a strong bond are crucial within a team. A team that enjoys each other's company will often work better together. This often starts with a bit of humour.

Why You Can’t Buy A Team:

If we have learned one thing from the expensive world of football, it is that you cannot buy a team. Buying in the best players or employees can help to create a good team, however, it alone will not make a good team.

While many organisations result to throwing money at people to grow their team, working with a team to grow them is more important. Focus on building the team and the individuals in its, and in turn, you will create a high-value team.

Growing The Team:

Growing a team takes a lot of work for the team and for you as the leader. There is no easy way, and it will take time. But as many leaders have seen, a good team is worth the effort.

Understand why someone would want to join your team, what makes your team special, and what purpose are they fulfilling. As this will help you to grow the team through their strengths.

The last element is that of discipline and accountability. A team needs to be built on discipline and accountability, both attributes they will gain from their leader. Make sure these are elements that you are practicing so that it may be an inspiration and motivation for your team. Lead by example!

While building a high-performing team is much more complex than throwing some money at people, the benefits of having a great team make the effort worthwhile.

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