Discover a smarter way to successfully optimise your Enterprise Mobile Environment.


One of the main benefits of telecom expense management (TEM), specifically, mobile cost management is that it helps businesses streamline their operations. Without a TEM solution, your mobile administrators would spend their days manually sifting through spreadsheets, analysing invoices, disputing charges, recovering funds, managing the inventory, and ordering new services and devices.

That’s a huge waste of time and money.

In the interview below, our experts, Fred Taljaard and Craig Cicero discuss how to use 1Nebula®’s OneView Mobile and Fixed voice management system to successfully optimise your enterprise mobile environment.


Still need a little convincing? Here are five OneView reports that will totally transform your mobile administrators’ lives and streamline the mobile cost management process.

Mobile user spend report: OneView generates an invoice per user, which is sent directly to their email address. An automated process that happens every month, can easily be set up for employees with multiple devices. This report offers individuals greater visibility over their mobile spend, reducing the chance that your employees will exceed their data bundle/contract limits.

Mobile budget report: Available via the OneView dashboard, mobile administrators can compare budgeted mobile spend to actual mobile spend. This is a vital tool to prevent overspending and makes it easier to adjust budgets, where necessary, or identify where savings can be made.


Roaming functionality report: We all know how costly roaming can be but with this report your mobile team can see where your traveling employees are and how much each individual employee is spending on their mobile device while roaming. With service provider optimisation, administrators can determine which service provider is the most cost-efficient in that country or area.

SLA report: When managing various accounts, it can be easy to miss when service providers are not fulfilling their performance agreements. OneView’s SLA report highlights any discrepancies and irregularities regarding the agreement between the client and the service provider. We will then approach the service providers and inform them about the penalty for this failure to perform. Our independence ensures that fair penalties are paid out. For example, a service provider signs an agreement that daily network downtime cannot exceed five minutes. Should downtime on any given day exceeds this limit, the service provider will have to compensate the client, usually financially. At Nebula, we will coordinate the compensation process and ensure you are paid out fairly.

Live mobile activity summary report: With this report, administrators have a live window into every employee’s mobile network activity and the associating costs. This report details everything from data usage, and phone calls to SMSs and any other events performed on a specific SIM card. Administrators can also see when and where these actions took place. This information is available at any time and is a great asset to identify any potential cost irregularities.

If any of these reports sound like something your business needs, we’re here to help with all your mobile cost management issues. Complete the form here and we’ll be in touch.


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